Save the life under water

discuss the problems life under water are currently facing
– reflect on the impact this documentary had on you
– do you think it will help the oceans that we put more focus on this problem? Why/why not?
– Finally, what are you most likely to do in order to preserve our oceans, and what do you think others should do?

Life under water is facing an enormous problem, and it is happening right now. The oceans are full of plastic, garbage, and oil. This has an impact on the life under water, but also on us. When we use products that contain microplastic, like shampoo or toothpaste, it ends up in the ocean when we rinse it out. Then in the end, we end up consuming it through the food we eat. Sea animals are suffering because of our waste, their stomachs are filled with plastic and their bodies are trapped in an old plastic can holder.

I have always worried and cared about the environment, but this documentary made me realize that this is not a future problem, it is happening right now. We have to deal with this now before it is too late. It was shocking to see all the plastic that had been washed up from the ocean. And there was plastic from all over the world.

I feel almost inspired to act more responsible toward the environment. The plastic whale made me realize that we all have to help, everything counts.

I definitely think that if we put more focus towards this problem it will help. People are not aware of how serious this problem really is. Education is key to this problem. Educate children, families, and co-workers, help them understand the seriousness.


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