Liberal vs Conservative: Guns

I chose to look at the topic ‘Guns’. The articles and posts on the liberal side are against guns. The first post on this side is about a former U.S. Army Infantry officer who was turning in his guns to the Miami Police Department, as part of their gun buy-back program. The reason for this is that he, even though he considered himself as a responsible gun owner, felt like no civilian do need a gun. And especially after everything that have happened the last few months. On the other side, we have the conservative posts, they are more pro guns. This side is strongly for the second amendment, and do not want to turn in their guns. None of the articles that I read war directly offensive. On the conservative side, a lot of people meant that the liberals lied when they said that they were not going to take their guns away. They also state that “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, which in some ways are true, but I personally think that the access to lethal weapons can be, and are, a factor to the massive massacre. If no one had guns, maybe these events would happen differently?

I do think there are some limits to the freedom of speech. Here in Norway, we have some rules within the freedom of speech. You can say what you want but, defamation and discriminating or racist statements are indeed against the law and you can be punished for it. So in the theory, you can say what you like and post your meanings on facebook or any other media. But you can receive strong reactions from other people and then you have to deal with the consequences.

When I look at the conservative side, where they support the law about guns, I see a lot of opinions I do not support or agree with. When that is said, I can understand why a lot of people want to keep their guns. Several Americans have guns to protect themselves in case of robbery, terror etc. and I think they are afraid what could happen if they could not protect themselves.




The Wall Street Journal, Jon Keegan, 18. May 2016 (updated hourly)





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