(5) Name and describe the protagonist and the antagonist in this story;

In the film Spotlight, I do not believe that there is only one person as the protagonist. I feel like the whole Spotlight-team is the main ‘character’, because it was them as a group the film focused around. I also think that is was the church who was the antagonist, again not only one person, but the whole group.

(6) In the story told by the film, what is the main conflict and how is it resolved?;

The main conflict in the film is that the church has covered numerous of incidents involving, priests molesting little boys. The conflict is solved by the spotlight team, they spent over a year investigating and interviewing victims. They worked day and night to find all the information they needed to expose the church and end this once and for all. In the end, they posted an article explaining and telling the truth, this followed up with hundreds of articles about the same conflict.





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